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I'm Maria Gonzalez.

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Success Story
Working with Maria not only helped me but also changed my life forever. Never in my life, have I been able to create such a balanced life.
Alex Thomas
Agency Owner

I get asked this a lot

If you still have some questions, have a look at my FAQ

How often do we meet & how long is the program?

There is no minimum required set # of weeks and there is flexibility depending on the client and circumstances. Typically we would meet weekly for an hour and continue until it sticks because this is not a band-aid fix. If goals are reached, foundation is reset, and you have put it into practice then we can choose to taper the program or end it. Clients experience material differences even after the first session!

How much does it cost?

Free 1-hour consultation available (which includes some coaching) with no pressure to sign. Thereafter, the investment in yourself is $65/hr & is HSA reimbursable under most plans! Think of all the things we have wasted money on that have not brought us the peace and happiness we were looking for. Here, we are transforming whole lives for the long-run, and I firmly believe in my abilities. A percentage of proceeds will be happily donated towards meals & supplies for underprivileged children in India and other countries.

How do we meet?

Sessions are done over the phone, over Facetime/Google Meet, or in-person depending on the circumstances and highest likelihood of consistency.

What requirements do you have?

The only requirement is a willingness to change. Many people want to change but do not want to change to change. If you do not want to change, then this may not be suitable for you.

I am already working with a therapist/doctor/other healer. Will this interfere?

I will partner alongside them to help create the best you! Many times it takes different skillsets to get us to ultimately Reclaim Happy!

What if I am scared to face myself?

It is not easy to face ourselves especially doing it alone. A coach is certified to assist in this process of unraveling the old self and building the new self. We will utilize various tools, techniques, concepts to provide comfort and safety along with forward progress.

Does spirituality mean religious?

Spiritual does not mean religious or anything overly complex. It is simply about going beyond our ego and tuning into our self at a deeper level to find the answers within us and to reframe our life.