What is Spiritual Life Coaching?

Go beyond your analytical and egoic mind to uncover a possibility for a deeper understanding of how everything operates.

What does “Spiritual” Mean in Spiritual Life Coaching?

If you were to google what is spiritual, you would uncover a plethora of definitions and classifications. However, that is what makes it so unique in that there is no confined terminology, which coincides with spirituality overall as spirituality is open-minded thinking and receptive to an array of possibilities. Spiritual tends to get tangled up with religious, but they are not the same thing. We can make it complex, but I classify it as simply going beyond our analytical and egoic mind and tuning into ourselves at a deeper level to reframe the perceived obstacles in our lives and to find answers that are deep within us. Sure, there are a lot of concepts within spirituality but a good coach will go at a measured pace so that you do not feel overwhelmed. They will help you uncover these more on your own through empowering questioning versus having them forced onto you.

Many coaches, therapists, and self-help literature work with individuals to reframe their problems but it is limited to what the analytical mind can comprehend. They work within the ego, which is immensely beneficial, but it still caps out at what the ego can process. This basically helps us heal and deal with our problems in a better way but still leaves us somewhat vulnerable from future attacks. Through spirituality, there is a possibility for a deeper understanding of how everything operates and why things are the way they are. A spiritual life coach goes deeper to the soul level and transforms obstacles into energy that will fuel the person upwards even higher. So if an individual is engaging in negative and judgmental thoughts towards a situation, the spiritual mind can turn them into more accepting, positive, grateful, and even loving thoughts. We can develop a strong sense of gratitude towards our perceived enemies, as they are our biggest teachers in the lessons of life. We can learn to even get to a point where we love our perceived enemies merely by changing the lens through which we look at them. At our soul level we are loving beings. I understand you may have doubts and this may feel a little outstretched, as I was in the same camp years ago. The more we understand, change our ways, and see it in action, then it naturally becomes more elf-evident. I have seen plenty of evidence already.

Society has fed our ego to compare and compete with each other, that one man’s gain has to come from another man’s loss, and to live finitely. Spirituality teaches us that there is abundance and to eliminate comparative thinking but instead actually want what is truly best for everyone. Most of the programing that takes place before the age of 7 and our subconscious mind is 95% set by the age of 35. Spirituality is more about unwiring ourselves and letting go versus adding all of these new things because at our core level we are pure. It is just that we have been conditioned for so long by friends, family, media, politicians, etc. that we do not know we are on auto-pilot and that there is a way out of shackled thinking. Yes, we do have to still participate in this 3-D world within society. Spirituality merely teaches to not take everything so personally, to be less attached, and how to navigate the currents more smoothly.

It is imperative to ask ourselves, where has most of our true inner growth come from? More often than not it is through difficult situations, dealing with difficult people, in difficult times. If we truly overcome these, then we tend to develop inner strength that we never thought we had, ways to better deal with future difficulties that we would not have obtained otherwise, and compassion and love that we had no idea we were capable of having. Spirituality helps to uncover all of this and allow it all to come to fruition. As we grow and take steps forward, our ego and shadow self are always lurking around the next corner looking to bring us back down. It is imperative to understand how they operate so you can be aware and better prepared for when they do come knocking on your door. As a result, we take back control of our lives and stop playing victim. We can now better understand why people are the way they are and what is the true underlying causes for their wiring so when they do act, we do not react like the old us. Spirituality does not mean we have to agree with them, but we do harness a better understanding and less emotional volatility around them. We are not surprised but instead are more neutral and go with the flow.

We have the ability to drastically change how we perceive everything. Working with a spiritual coach will help you assess and re-program your conditioning so that you are utilizing your subconscious thinking to benefit you and not hamper you. The coach will help you avoid situations where your conscious mind is saying/desiring things that are working in direct opposition to your subconscious mind. You can learn to align them. If you have an interest in understanding how your mind works and all of the different factors and levers that are pulled to reach a decision, then a spiritual coach is very suitable for you. If you want to go beyond your analytical and egoic mind, then a spiritual life coach makes sense. Spiritual life coaches show you how to use the magic within yourself that you never thought you had!